What is control line "Stunt"?

Actually, the official name is Precision Aerobatics, that being a mouthful you'll hear more people saying "I fly stunt". They love to design, build, test, and fly their models, which are cared for with operating room cleanliness and neatness.

60 to 70 foot steel cables are used to control the aircraft via up and down movement of the handle in the pilots hand.

Stunt is all about flying different maneuvers such as loops, figure eights, and inverted flight (upside down). Participants range from the once a month Sunday fun flyer to expert practitioners who compete for a spot on the team representing their home country at the FAI World Championships.

You certainly don't have to be an expert flyer to have fun with a stunt plane. There are thousands of stunt pilots who have the time of their lives every day they get together and fly. For all of 5 to 10 minutes the pilot has the circle to himself to fly as he wishes, all the while his friends get to enjoy the performance from the sidelines.

If that isn't enough to satisfy a pilots want for adventure they can always attend a formal sanctioned contest, where they can enter the competition themselves or simply enjoy watching stunt flying at levels from beginner to expert.

There's something for everybody to enjoy in stunt, if you'd like to pursue this exciting hobby/sport a subscription to Control Line World would be a great first step. You'll be introduced to stunt and all the other disciplines of Control Line Model Aviation, and at the same time receive a wealth of information about building, engines, testing, trimming, flying, and much more. You can also follow the links below, one of which will take you to the Academy of Model Aeronautics webpage, the internationally recognized organization of model enthusiasts in the United States, and the other to PAMPA, the SIG (Special Interest Group) for Precision Aerobatics webpage. 

AMA, the Academy of Model Aeronautics

PAMPA, the SIG for Precision Aerobatics